Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Procession of the Sanch

Good Friday,

A traditional procession which has surivived centuries in the Roussillon region, this slow and macabre march through the streets of Perpignan every Good Friday is a step back into medieval history.

The procession, which is a symbol of the passion of Christ, dates back to the mid 15th century , when the penitents would make their way to the gallows, accompanied by their robed executioners. All parties are robed in klu klux klan type outfits in red and black.

We were given a fascinating insight into the procession by local lady Florence Sabra who owns Alfmed ( http://www.alfmed.com/ ) . She brought a group of us to a strategic view point and gave us the background to the sombre march.

Whilst I cannot say that I enjoyed the march, as it is no barrell of laughs, it is certainly something one should witness if you are here in the region .. the slow walk though the city of Perpignan is very well supported by the locals and they all respectfully line the streets to see the penitents on their way.

A sight to behold...

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