Thursday, April 30, 2009

Football marries Rugby in FAB PO

Eric Cantona's team is playing Marc Lievremont's team in a game of two halves :
The first half is football and the second half is rugby!!!
In aid of charity , this match will be held in Vernet les Bains at 18h on May 1st. Entrance 5euros.
May 2nd will be the revenge match at Argeles sur Mer ( Stade Gaston Pams) at 17h follwed by a concert headlined by local grown CALI. Entrance 10euros.

1 comment:

  1. We went to the revenge in Argelès.
    A huge crowd was there to help the cause of handicapped children and see the stars Cantonna, Lièvremont and Cali.
    Our handicapped friend Cécile was there too as a special guest.
    Have you heard of the film which has just come out " Waiting for... Eric" with Eric Cantonna as Eric Cantonna?
    Should be intersting