Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fête De La N'importe Quoi

It's festival time in the Pyrenees Orientales and every little town and village gets ready to parteeeee
Of course, being French, most of the festivals are based around food. There's the oyster festival, the cherry festival, the apple festival, the bread festival, the strawberry festival, the artichoke festival, to name but a few.
The festival theme is really just an excuse really for everybody to get together, socialise and share a few anecdotes over a few convivial glasses of wine.
This weekend in Corneilla de la Riviere for example, we will be celebrating "La Fête de Thym" - Yes, you've heard it correctly, the 8th annual Thyme festival promises to be a superbe day out ;
9H Kicks off with an artisan market with local wines, produce, charcuterie, honey, cheeses , oh and of course some thyme
10H A musical "troupe" will take to the streets and entertain the market goers
11H The Giants will march through the town; huge statues in brilliant costume
12H Catalan sardane dancing
1230 Barbeque ( with thyme flavours of course)
14H Human pyramid ( really is an amazing sight)
14H30 More music
15H Albert Bueno concert
17H More sardane dancing
18H Thyme soup for everyone

Contact us to find out what festival is on when you are here and make your trip a memorable one to the FAB PO! A great way to taste real Catalonia, literally!

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