Monday, May 25, 2009

Barbeque at FAB PO member Domaine Treloar

Award Winning Domaine Treloar hosted a fun barbeque yesterday 24 May in their vineyards in Trouillas.
The day was warm, with a light breeze blowing, perfect for dining al fresco with the kids, dogs and bigger kids ( ie us!)
About 60 people turned out for this relaxing day out which was held in one of the fields adjacent to their vines. After a delicious barbeque, washed down with some fine wines from Domaine Treloar, we settled down to the business at hand : the gum boot throwing competition ( distance), the wine spitting competition ( distance and accuracy!) and the wine tasting competition.
Great fun was had by all and I'm proud to say that a member of The French Tour Co won the wine tasting competition ( ie moi!) so I must be learning something on all these wine tours I do!
Many thanks to Jon and Rachel of Domaine Trelaor for hosting such a FAB event!

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